Produced by Miles Apart

Written by Abraham Eapen

The Journey continues ...

Miles Apart came forth when a bunch of passionate musicians from a band Destiny decided to record some of their favorite material while grappling with geographical limitations. MA’s first project, “Turn Your Eyes” was a result of their (Abhishek, Sujith, and Ranjith) collaboration with a longtime friend, Anup on vocals.

Piggybacking on the positive response they received, MA pursued their efforts and recorded “Into His Arms”, which was a favorite at most of the concerts that Destiny performed. This time around, another good friend and supporter of the band, Jeff, contributed to the project by playing the bass and mixing/mastering the track. MA’s concept is to collaborate with musicians across the globe to bring any positive musical idea to reality.

In 2016, MA is still evolving! Their latest project, “Priyante Naatil” is unique in myriad ways. Lyrics to this Malayalam song were penned by Sujith and Ranjith’s Dad, Abraham Eapen. Naveen Thomas (a Gibson endorsee), known for his work with bands like Galeej Gurus, has played guitars on this track. Anandraj Paul, the original vocalist of the Malayalam rock band, Avial, is the voice behind the song. While this new project is at the opposite end of their musical spectrum, MA hopes to have a positive impact on lives through this song, a tribute to Mr. Eapen.